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Horizon 2020 project approved

Horizon2020Wilhelm Schröder GmbH has applied for and has received a development project of the EU to transfer the current developments in the area of traffic engineering to the requirements of the entire EU and its Member States. In the SME instrument of the Horizion2020 program, a feasibility study and an elaboration of the markets and possible customers abroad are carried out together with our consultant "Hans Eßer und Partner".


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Federal policy shows interest in the Hüinghauser warning system


Herscheid/Berlin. It is a system that should save human life: the traffic detection system of the company Wilhelm Schröder from Herscheid. The telematics system is designed to detect wrong-way drivers in miliseconds, and warn the affected highway drivers on the route. Now the Ministry of Transport in Berlin has also come to the attention of the system.


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Scientific paper published

paperWith the support of Wilhelm Schröder GmbH, the TU Dortmund has published a scientific paper about the classification of vehicles based on so-called ray tracing simulations and machine learning methods within the scope of the ongoing ZIM project. The paper, titled "Radio-based Traffic Flow Detection and Vehicle Classification for Future Smart Cities," will soon be presented in Sydney at the world's largest meeting, the VTC - Vehicular Technology Conference of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

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